About CFO 4 Small Biz

CFO 4 Small Biz™ was founded by Dave Mayo to provide financial guidance for the small business owner. Dave is a CPA and a CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant) with over 30 years of diversified senior financial management experience. What makes Dave’s background unique is that he has experience in both small and large companies. Dave started his career with Price Waterhouse & Company. Dave has been the CFO of many different small companies.

Small businesses have the same requirements as a large business except the small business does not have the need to have the resources in-house. It is critical that the small business owner partners with the right resource.

Every business needs financial guidance. Dave recognized the situation that many small businesses are lacking exceptional financial guidance. Dave also recognized that there is a lack of resources providing exceptional financial guidance that is affordable by the small business. CFO 4 Small Biz™ provides that resource.

CFO 4 Small Biz™ services small businesses from start-up to $25 million in revenues. Businesses larger than $25 million will usually have a full-time CFO. CFO 4 Small Biz™ provides CFO services to the small business owner on a part time basis. Most small businesses don’t need a fulltime CFO. Utilizing a part-time CFO is much more cost effective. CFO 4 Small Biz™ directly services clients in Chicago, the Chicagoland area, and all of Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

CFO 4 Small Biz™ is headquartered in St. Charles, Illinois but services clients throughout the country by using technology uploading databases to perform the work, holding web based meetings, etc.

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