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Not For Profit

Why talk about “not for profit” on a business blog site? A for-profit business usually has a goal of maximizing shareholder wealth. Although a not-for-profit has a different mission and goals than a for-profit business, both types of entities have similar challenges. Both desire to operate efficiently and effectively in achieving their organization’s goals. Continue reading

Value Pricing

While I was attending the Business Solutions Conference in Illinois and visiting with vendors I heard the term “value pricing”. A vendor, providing bookkeeping service, was providing the service at a fixed price on a monthly basis and calling it “value pricing”. Although I wasn’t calling it “value pricing”, I was offering it through my fixed price services. This got me thinking about value pricing.

Value pricing is providing a specific service at a fixed price for a specific type of client. This allows the business owner to be able to budget for the service. Traditional CPA firms and firms providing outsourced CFO services usually Continue reading