Electronic File Organization

During my career I have designed and implemented corporate file structures. I’m not talking about the file structure for hard copy files but about electronic files. Have you ever had trouble finding a certain file? You know the file exists but you can’t find it. That is when I use file search to search the entire hard drive and hope I find the file I’m looking for.

Today most everything is electronic and having a logical file structure is very important to being able to quickly locate files when needed. (A file structure is also called a “file taxonomy”.) A small business owner does not always need to recreate the wheel. There are many resources available today on the internet speeding up the process.

I came across a company called Software Advice that helps people find the right software for their organization. (Click on http://www.softwareadvice.com/ to go to their website.) Don Formes, CEO of Software Advice, wrote an article on June 19, 2013 titled “Do You Know Where Your Articles of Incorporation Are?” Click here for a direct link to the original article. The author discusses the taxonomy that he created for his company and makes it available as a free download.

No standard template will meet all needs. However it is a good starting point as files and sub-files can be added or deleted as needed. Utilizing a template as a starting point usually reduces the time to get the job done and with better results. You can choose to start with a downloaded template or you can always create it manually. It’s your choice.

The benefits of having a logical file taxonomy is the ability to quickly find files when needed. No matter how you structure your file organization, it is important that you can locate your files quickly.

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