Difference Between a CFO and a CPA Firm

A business owner may ask “Why do I need CFO 4 Small Biz, I already have a CPA firm?”

The simple answer is that the mindsets and type of work are different.

  •  CFO 4 Small Biz™ has an operational mindset and experience to provide management guidance.
  •  CFO 4 Small Biz™ focus is to be part of the management team working to maximize the business performance.
  • A CPA firm’s primary focus is on the tax practice and attestation function (Audits, Review & Compilations), not operations. Try to get an operational question answered between January 1st and April 15th.
  •  CFO 4 Small Biz™ does not prepare tax returns or perform attestation work.
  •  CFO 4 Small Biz™ recommends a good relationship with a CPA firm for tax expertise and attestation requirements.

Are you currently receiving exceptional financial guidance? If not, you may be interested in contacting CFO 4 Small Biz™.