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The small business has the same requirements as the large business. The difference is that the large business will have those resources in-house. Take General Motors for example, GM will have in-house attorneys, in-house tax accountants, and a full-time CFO. The small business has these same requirements but does not need to have the resources in-house full-time. This page provides links to resources that may be helpful for the small business owner.

Small Business Administration — U.S. Government

Human Resources

All businesses have human resource issues especially in this day of government compliance with state and federal regulations. However, the small business does not have a need for a full-time human resource professional.The small business owner does have a need for access to human resource management expertise. That expertise is now available to the small business owner through the firm Harmony HR Solutions LLC.

Harmony HR Solutions home pageClick on the logo (right) to visit the Harmony HR Solutions web site.

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

The SBDC, as part of a nationwide network, provides high-impact, results-based consulting and trainng services to business owners and entrepreneurs with up to 500 employees. Although located in Wisconsin, services are provided nationwide.

 Wisconsin Innovation Service Center

The Wisconsin Innovation Service Center (WISC) specializes in new product and invention assessments and market expansion opportunities for innovative manufacturers, technology businesses, and independent inventors. For an affordable fee, WISC provides companies with enough information for improved product and market development decisions. Although located in Wisconsin, services are provided nationwide.

 Information Technology

Information technology is a critical aspect of every business. Technology Picture Having the right information technology can provide a competitive advantage.

This page provides information technology resources for the small business.

IT Services

The small business does not have the need to have in-house IT resources. Generally, it is hard to justify an in-house IT professional for a business with fewer than 400 employees. It is critical to outsource the IT function with the correct resource. It is important to select a resource that will meet your needs on a timely basis.

Review Sites

The websites provide independent reviews of products related to software and hardware.

Software Resources

The following websites provide business and accounting software for the small to mid-sized business.

Accounting Software

Cloud Software

ERP Software

Hardware Resources

The following sites provide a variety of technology products at competitive prices.

Bank Information