Financial Management

Description of Financial Management Service

The financial management service offers financial report generation, analysis, interpretation, budgeting, forecasting, etc.

I have found, from a financial management standpoint, that the small business market is comprised of two major segments — companies with a simple financial structure and companies with a more complex financial structure. I define a more complex financial structure as companies having any one of the following:

  • Multiple locations
  • More than four cost centers / departments
  • Multiple types of businesses
  • Allocations
  • Consolidations
  • Etc.

These two segments usually (but not always) break around the $5 million in revenue mark. By splitting the small biz market segment into simple or more complex I can offer all levels of business an affordable fee related to the type of financial structure. The less complex financial structures take less time to generate, analyze, and forecast financial results than more complex businesses.I offer the smaller business a similar level of service to that of the larger businesses. I offer the smaller businesses (those under $5 million in revenue with a less complex structure) my Silver service. For the larger, more complex businesses I offer two levels of service – the Gold and Platinum services. The financial management services are offered on a monthly or quarterly fixed fee basis with one time setup fees.

Smaller Companies ( ≤ $5 million in revenue )

Silver Service

The Silver Service is a full financial management service for the smaller, less complex business and is available on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The Silver Service includes:

  • Generation of the financial reporting package (in PDF format) including:
    • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, Financial Ratio’s
    • Financial report includes comparison to budget and variance analysis
    • Relevant charts
  • Rolling forecast
  • On-line conference meeting to discuss business performance
  • Preparation of annual budget & stategic planning (separate fee)
  • “On Call” access (Silver level)

Benefit: Having an “On-Demand” CFO providing an understanding of the business performance with forward looking capabilities.

Larger Companies ( Over $5 million in revenue )

Two levels of service are offered for the larger, more complex small biz companies.

Gold Service

The Gold service provides financial reporting for the larger businesses and includes:

  • Review of the general ledger;
  • Generation of financial statements (can use Intuit Statement Writer);
  • Creation of the Financial Management Report with analysis (provided in pdf format);
  • On-line conference meeting to discuss business performance;
  • “On Call” access (Gold level).

Benefit: Having an “On-Demand” CFO providing financial guidance related to the financial performance of the business. The results and analysis are presented in a monthly Financial Management Report. This provides a good understanding of the financial performance and resultant decisions needed.

Platinum Service

All services included in the GOLD SERVICE plus:

  • Budget preparation;
  • Actual to budget variance analysis;
  • Forecasted P&L updated monthly (rolling forecast);
  • Stategic planning discussion;
  • “On Call” access (Platinum level).

Benefit: Having a full-fledged “On-Demand” CFO providing all the benefits of the Gold Service plus forward looking capabilities. The ability to forecast allows “what-if” scenarios and the ability to make decisions to impact the results before they happen. The utilization of budgets allows comparing of actual results to desired results and ability to make decisions for corrective action.

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