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Financial Guidance For The Small Business Owner

The CFO 4 Small Biz™ tag line is “Every Company Needs Financial Guidance ® ”.

Is yours adequate? If so then there is no need to read further. If not, you will be interested in reading further.

“The role of a chief financial officer has changed dramatically in recent years. In many growing businesses, the CFO serves as a partner to the CEO, helping outline strategy and drive the business toward its goals. …the CFO is the partner of the CEO in helping lead the company to meet business goals.”  (INC. Magazine 2/16/10)

Every company needs financial guidance; a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) provides that guidance. Most companies over $30 million will have a fulltime CFO. A small company has the same requirements of a large company; the difference is that the large company has the financial capability to have the resources in-house. Continue reading

Turnaround – Elements for Success – Action One

As discussed in my previous blog, business turnarounds are not easy to achieve but can be accomplished by taking the proper steps and actions. Surprisingly these actions are also those used by owners of healthy companies to run their businesses well.

There are three primary elements for success in a business turnaround. Continue reading